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Our Adventure in Mexico!

It's our last full day together!


We began our day with a visit to the shrine of the Virgin of Guadalupe .She is a symbol of significant importance to the Mexican people. The shrine is located in a beautiful, lush garden. I felt privileged to be there.


After visiting the shrine we left for the Ancient Pyramids of Teotihuacán.

These step pyramids are the third largest in the world.


We started our walking tour with a visit to Quetzal Butterfly Palace. The frescos in the palace were originally painted in red and yellow. These "paints" were made from cactus and beetles. 


With the help of my friends, Mr. Bob and Mr. Erik Mollenhauer , I was able to climb all the way to the top of  the Pyramid of the Sun and back down!

This was something I did not think I could do. I was thrilled to make it to the top and look out over a spectacular view of the ancient city.You can do ANYTHING with a little help from your friends !

At the very top, even though there were no flowers... there were lots of butterflies. They were not Monarchs. Some were orange. Some were all black and some were white. Even though it was day time... I could see the moon overhead. It was incredible.


After leaving the pyramid complex we went to visit the Mexican National Palace. Famous artist, Diego Rivera’s  mural paintings are on display there.

His paintings are huge and depict the entire history of Mexico.( The photo below shows a tiny section that depicts Diego's wife, fellow artist Frida Kahlo.)


Part of the Diego Rivera mural .

At Teotihuacan.

Almost at the top of the Pyramid of the Sun!

At the top! (Thanks to help from Mr. Bob.)

Yummy at the top with his friend Felix.
( Felix lives with Miss Tricia at her school.)

A fresco at the Quetzal-Butterfly Palace.

Mr. Marcos and a local artist demonstrate....

ancient painting methods using cactus and beetle.

Stones that helped people tell time using shadows.
(In the Quetzal -Butterfly Palace.)

Statues at the Virgin of Guadalupe shrine.

The Virgin of Guadalupe.

Papel Picado in an outdoor chapel.

A butterfly floats across the moon..
at the top of the Pyramid of the Sun.

School children visit ancient ruins ..
..being excavated right beneath the streets of the city!

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