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Our Adventure in Mexico!

Saturday, February 17th ,2007 : Day 1


We arrived at Newark Airport for an early morning flight to Mexico City.


We met three other teachers who were traveling with us: Miss Carrie, Mr. John and Miss Pauline.

Mr. Bob was supposed to be on our flight too but he forgot his passport. He had to go back home to get it and then take a later flight.


It was exciting to be on an airplane! When we looked out the window the houses seemed to be getting smaller and smaller. But that is because the plane was going higher and higher!

Our pilots were a man and a woman. They did a super job flying our plane.


We arrived at the airport in Mexico City and most of the airport staff spoke Spanish. Ryan’s mom spoke to the staff in Spanish so we would know where we needed to go. We needed to show our passports to get into the county. (Miss Sally, Miss Hope and Yummy do not know how to speak Spanish yet.)

*Play the Pinata Game and Learn some Spanish words.


When we left the airport we took a taxi to the Galleria hotel in Mexico City. We exchanged our American dollars for Pesos then  took our suitcases up to our room and left the hotel in a taxi to visit the Mexican National Museum of Anthropology.


The National Museum of Anthropology in Chapultepec (Grasshopper) Park in Mexico City is one of the largest of its kind in the world.  This is a museum that is home to all kinds of items made by the people of Mexico a very, very,very,very,very long ago.There are lots of rooms that house these archeological artifacts from the numerous ancient  cultures in Mexico, including Olmec, Maya, Aztec and others.Our guide and teacher, Mr.Marcos, helped us learn about the history and many cultures of Mexico.


After visiting the museum,we had lunch with our new friend Miss Carrie and went back to our hotel to get ready for dinner. We met all of the other teachers there. It was exciting to learn about each other and to begin our adventure together!


What is the time and weather in Mexico City?

Why doesn't Yummy need the jacket and hat he wore to visit Canada?


Yummy waiting for his plane at Newark Airport.

Yummy at the Museum of Anthropology.

Lunch with our new friend Miss Carrie.

Mr. Erik,Miss Hope,Yummy,Miss Leesa & Mr. Alvin

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Bergen Community College Center for the Study of Intercultural Understanding