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Our Adventure in Mexico!

Sunday, February 18th ,2007 : Day 2

After breakfast at our hotel we all boarded our tour bus for a three hour trip to the state of Michoacan.
We stopped at the old silver mining town of Tlalpujahua for a walk around the town.We joined the local people who shop for pottery,fruits and vegetables in the town's outdoor market. Later we had lunch at a restaurant that was located in the opening to a real old mine!
After lunch we visited the Dos Estrellas Mine.
This old silver mine was a very dangerous and unsafe place for the miners who dug through the earth in search of silver and gold. Lead by a tour guide, all of us went inside the mine for a short distance. It was very dark, damp and cold.
After we left the silver mine we got back on the bus to go to our hotel for the night. We stopped along the way to photograph some the giant maguey plants and nopal cactus that grew along the side of the road. We got to taste nopal cactus during our week in Mexico. It was very good!
At dusk,we arrived at our very beautiful hotel called the Hacienda Cantalagua. Miss Sally and I had a room facing an orange tree that was full of birds singing.
There were flowers and Hummingbirds everywhere!
After dinner it was dark outside. As we walked from the restaurant and back to our room, I saw a barn owl fly off the roof in search of his breakfast.
Mr. Erik Mollenhauer, our "Lead" teacher, also gave us a lesson about the stars and constellations in the night sky.
  • Have you ever shopped in an outdoor market?
  • Why did Yummy need his headlamp to go into the mine?
  • Can you find plants in the greenhouse that look like the plants in the pictures?
  • What kind of animals wake up at night and sleep all day?

Miss Hope and Yummy in Tlalpujahua.

Ryan's mom buying beans.

Yummy looking out the bus window.

Teachers going inside the Silvermine.

Yummy is going in!
(Click Yummy for a larger picture)

Yummy in the Silvermine museum

Miss Sally, Miss Hope ,Yummy and a Nopal Cactus.

Miss Hope,Yummy and a big Maguey plant.

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