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Our Adventure in Mexico!

Monday February 19th,2007 : Day 3

We were are all SO excited to visit the El Rosario Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary!
As we approached the forested mountains we could not help but notice how many bare patches there were because so many oyamel trees had been cut down.
The local people needed these trees for wood  to build and heat their homes.The oyamel forest is also threatened by illegal logging .
Many people are now working really hard to find a way to help both the people and the Monarchs..
I walked to the top of the mountain with Miss Lin,Miss Luella,Miss Carrie and Mr. Bob.
Miss Lin and I have become dear friends. Having been in an accident, she now walks with a cane. We made it to the top of El Roasaio together! She is an inspiration to me.
As we stopped to rest in a field we looked up and saw that the tree branches were completely covered with Monarch butterflies. The sky was cloudy.. but as we stood there watching, the sun came up and the Monarchs cascaded from the branches like water droplets pouring from a shower head.
It was amazing.....I cried because this was such a miraculous sight! I hope and pray that this miracle of nature is here for all of you to see in the years to come.
After we left El Rosario we visited Alternare.  Alternare is a farm that teaches sustainable living practices ( to be able to live without harming the forest) to the local people within the Monarch Sanctuaries.
We can all make a difference!
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