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Our Adventure in Mexico!

Tuesday,February 20th 2007 : Day 4

This was one of the most memorable days of my life. I wish you all could have been there with me as I rode a horse into the forest at the Chincua Monarch sanctuary. Pictures can not capture the magic I experienced. It was like being suspended in time inside a snow globe of butterflies. My horse wanted to get ahead of all the other horses, so we rode alone for most of the way. The only sounds I heard were the footsteps of my guide Juan, walking behind me, the whinnying of my horse Macho and the rustling of billions of Monarch wings.
( Gently rub the palms of your hands back and forth.. that is what the butterflies sound like.) I bought a basket that was woven from the needles of the oyamel fir trees so I would always remember the smell of the forest. We stopped in a beautiful sunny field of butterflies and I wished that we could someday have "circle time" right there!
Here is a puzzle of Yummy in the field that you can put together. Can you find him? Do you see the butterflies?

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