An Egg

A Caterpillar

A Butterfly

A Chrysalis

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Wire Garden Sculpture

Two children collaborated on this butterfly life cycle sculpture for the garden.
They used plastic, twigs, wire and pipecleaners in their creation.

Beautiful Butterflies

Childrens' Work

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“If we are to achieve a richer culture... we must weave one in which each diverse human gift will find a fitting place.” ~Margaret Mead


The children are given opportunities to represent their observations, experiences and ideas in a variety of ways......

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Monarch Puppets...
Life Cycle Puppets

For a Butterfly Puppet Show!
Butterfly Puppet Show

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Two children collaborated on this life cycle display for the garden:

Butterfly egg sketch on wood

An egg

Caterpillar sketch on wood

A caterpillar

Butterfly sketch on wood

A butterfly

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Chrysalis sketch on wood

A chysalis


A Dance With the Butterflies                   

Hope D'Avino-Jennings 2006