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Our group of  3 and 4 year olds at the Bergen Community College Child Development Center has been participating in a hands -on, cross curricular exploration of Monarch (and other) butterflies.


 This year,our facination with butterflies began in September when Matthew found a Monarch Butterfly emerging right in our garden!

( See the digital photo that is displayed on each page of our website)
This Monarch was destined to migrate to Mexico for the winter!

Each year we  particpate in Journey North and The Symbolic Migration. Our Monarch Project  started with a mini grant from BCC's Center for the Study of Intercultural Understanding.


This year’s butterfly project has been significantly

enhanced by the use of computer software and principles of Universal Design for Learning thanks to our participation in “A Dance with the Butterflies” (an online collaborative project with a UDL focus.)


But our project will not end here. .....We plan on raising Monarch Butterflies in our classroom all summer long. 

We hope to tag and release Monarchs for the trip to Mexico in the fall.

 ( I will learn how after attending The Monarch Teachers Network workshop in August 2006!)


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"Miss" Hope


A Dance With the Butterflies                   

Hope D'Avino-Jennings 2006