Beautiful Butterflies

Butterfly Songs

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           Let's sing a song of butterflies!
Children wrote and sang songs inspired by our butterfly encounters...

Listen to two songs about migrating monarchs . (You may need to turn up your volume.)

The Monarch Song
I am the butterflies 
Hatch out their chrysalis'
Dry their wings
Open their wings
Sip some nectar
Then they go to Mexico
~A Child 
  4 years old

A Monarch's Life Cycle Song

All of the caterpillars

They hatch out of their eggs

And then they hatch to caterpillars

Then eat leaves

Then they turn into a chrysalis

Then they be a butterfly

And then they dry their wings and fly

And sip nectar then go to Mexico
~A Child
4 years old


          Hatching Monarchs


When is the butterfly going hatches?

Every time it goes in the butterfly egg.

1006 butterflies shining in the egg.

And then in all days he grows up to be a Monarch.

And when the rain stops he always puts a ring around him.

And always says: “Oh, Oh”,but he’s oh, oh ..

He’s a Monarch.

He flies, flies in the wind.



~A Child

4 years old


Click to hear the Hatching Monarch song..

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A child sang this song for the first butterfly that emerged in our classroom.
My Butterfly Friend
I hope the butterfly will like me
I want you to be my friend
~A Child
3 years old

Click to hear the "Butterfly Friend" song.


 A child wrote this song after we released our first Painted Lady in the garden.
Painted Lady Song
Now butterflies grow
fly away.
Drink nectar
and fly on the garden
fly at the ...
drink ..butterfly.. garden.
~A  Child
4 years old
Click to hear the Painted Lady song.

 Her Butterflies
All are shining.
Butterflies is all.
Estee's butterfly.
All is high.
It's shining in the hall..
Her butterflies.
~A Child
4 years old
Click to hear the song


A Dance With the Butterflies                   

Hope D'Avino-Jennings 2006