We played life cycle puzzles online and in the math center.We used floor puzzles, foam puzzles and table puzzles.
We used a calendar to chart the growth of our caterpillars
We created a butterfly memory match game from online photos.
Mr. or Ms. Monarch?
How many each? How many all together?
To play this game we used photo print outs  of male and female monarchs.


 Social Studies
Our participation in A Dance With the Butterflies enabled us to view other children's work online.
The children loved the story A Butterfly Egg written by Ms Dukic's grade 3 library club in Hong Kong.We looked for their location on the globe and on maps. We searched online for butterflies that are indigenous to each of our friends locations.
Our participation in Journey North and the Symbolic Migration is documented on the Monarch Page of our classroom website . You will find more resources related to Monarchs and the culture of Mexico there!
Music and Movement
We sang and acted out this wonderful Butterfly Life Cycle Song by Suzy Gazlay.Ms. Gazlay was kind enough to give us permission to post it here.
We were also visited by "Butterfly Dancers" from BCC's dance club.


Butterfly Dancer

Beautiful Butterflies

Center Activities

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“All students can learn and succeed, but not all on the same day in the same way.”

- William G. Spady



We listened to an Earth&Sky kids radio program about Butterflies

We adopted a Virtual Monarch

We used digital cameras,scanners and video to record and document butterflies, caterpillars and children’s work.We were able to record a monarch's emergence and watch it live,on video .

We explored the life cycle of the Monarch Butterfly with  Backyard Bugs: The Monarch CD-Rom 

We watched Monarch Caterpillar and Butterfly Movies

and more Butterfly Movies .

and more Butterfly Movies.....

And more Butterfly Movies!

We brought a lap top to circle time to share cd roms and  digital stories .We listened to the story Caterpillar Dreaming Butterfly.

Language and Literacy

Microsoft Word and Kidspiration were offered at the computer station to inspire young writers.

Our books included the Big Book "A Butterfly is Born" by, Melvin Berger and many of the butterfly books and literacy materials from the Nature Store ( the pop-up book is a class favorite)

Children were encouraged to write poetry, songs and stories. We provided butterfly life cycle puppets for the puppet theatre and life cycle rubber stamps and journals in the writing center. Wood was on hand for use in creating garden signs.

Dramatic Play:
To inspire creative play,we turned our dramatic play center into a "garden". We provided butterfly wings and children helped create box "bushes" for caterpillars to crawl on,under and through.


A Monarch emerges in the butterfly tent .....
Monarch Butterfly on tape
..and is recorded and observed on the VCR!


At the core of our science curriculum,children were given the opportunity to observe,investigate,raise questions, and record experiences as we raised and witnessed the metamorphosis of Painted Lady and Monarch butterflies in our classroom.


We researched and provided an appropriate outdoor habitat for butterflies and caterpillars


 We took a look at caterpillars and butterfly specimens with the aid of microscopes and hand held lenses.


We played a Life Cycle Game online


We participated in hands on Painted Lady Science with resources from Earthsbirthday


We continued work on our Butterfly Garden  and habitat. 
We took a closer look at Butterfly Wing patterns online
We played a Butterfly Wing Pattern game online
We watched a See How They Grow  film on Video 
We used venn diagrams to compare butterflies and caterpillars to our selves.
We also compared  butterflies and moths.
(here's another cool link that explains the difference)
Sensory and Art
We used butterfly life cycle replicas in the sensory tables to inspire creative tactile play.


We used garden themed playdough mats and accessories to inspire representation.


We provided a wide variety of mixed media in the art and woodworking center to inspire children's creativity.



A Dance With the Butterflies                   

Hope D'Avino-Jennings 2006