Beautiful Butterflies

Life Cycle Song
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Butterfly Cycle

(to the tune of "Row, Row, Row Your Boat")

Hatch, hatch little egg,
I'm so very small.
Teeny tiny caterpillar,
You can't see me at all.

Crawl, caterpillar, crawl,
Munching on a leaf.
Crawling, munching, crawling, munching,
Eat and eat and eat.

Form, form chrysalis,
I'm a different shape;
Hanging by a silken thread
Until I can escape.

Rest, rest, chrysalis
While I change inside;
Now at last my time has come
To be a butterfly.

Stretch, stretch, pretty wings,
It's a special day;
Soon they will be strong enough
For me to fly away.

Fly, fly, butterfly,
Fly from flower to tree;
Find a place to lay my eggs
So they can grow like me.

2003 Suzy Gazlay
Used By Permission

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