Mexico 2008


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Every year, at the end of October, millions of beautiful monarch butterflies return to the Santuario de la Mariposa Monarca El Rosario ( sanctuary of the monarch butterfly of the rosary ). El Rosario, located in Michoacan Mexico, is one of the few places monarch butterflies spend the winter.

This is a really magical place. I hope and pray that when you are old enough to travel to Mexico, that this miracle of nature is still there for you to experience.

Do you remember how the leaves looked in the fall? As they twirled and swirled off of the trees? Or how a snow flurry looks as it whirls around you? Well.. that is what it is like to be in the Monarchs winter forest. There are sooooo many butterflies that when they are awake the sky is filled with them and when they are at rest the trunks of the trees are covered in orange .

Our guide told us that when the monarchs rest on the branches of the evergreen trees (oyamel and fir)..that each butterfly gets it's own needle!

Some of these butterflies may be the late season Monarchs that we raised and set free ! Remember how Mr. Jack put the little stickers on some of their wings ? Well, Miss Michele and Mr. S. and I  saw one with a tag! Could it be ours? Maybe it was.

 Rub your hands together with open palms...That is the sound of millions of butterfly wings.


Walking up the trail past people's homes and shops.

Click on the pictures to see them in a larger size.

Squeaky reads the sign. Please don't harm or step on butterflies!

Teachers buying butterfly magnets .

A little boy rents bamboo walking sticks to hikers .

Our Sanctuary guide teaches us about the forest.

The Canadian , Mexican and US flags.
The symbolic paper butterflies are inside the door !

A man selling T-shirts

Where the T-shirts are made.

Butterflies nectaring

Mariposa,Flat Stanley and Squeaky,
the school mascots

Squeaky watches the butterflies drinking.( Puddling)

Click on the picture..What do you see?

Teachers are amazed at how many butterflies there are.

Millions and millions of magical Monarchs!

Squeaky waits for a cluster of Monarchs on a branch to warm up and cascade( fly off in a group)

Thirsty butterflies!

A dog follows us down the mountain.

We stop for Tortillas and Quesadillas .

Teachers eating lunch.

Our lead teacher, Mr. Erik Mollenhauer enjoyed lunch. So did I!

Squeaky and my roomate,Miss Michele enjoyed their lunch, too.

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Click Squeaky to do the puzzle. When the puzzle opens you can click "Change Cut" to make it more challenging.

Learn more about Monarchs and the sanctuary region of Mexico at Journey North for Kids

Be sure to click on the video  below before continuing the adventure ....

click here to play video of butterflies and class mascots