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Resources used in Miss Hope's preschool classroom. ( But there is something here for everyone!):

Animals: Migration & Marine Life

Pup's Supper
Online Book

Otter's favorite foods activities (pdf)from Monteray Bay Aqaurium

Gray Whales for kids at Journey North

Voices in the Sea : Match a Whale to it's Call

Games and Interactives from The Monterey Bay Aquarium.

The Cat in the Hat Migration Adventure game.

You can change the cut on this Sea Lion puzzle for more of a challenge:

Click to
                           Mix and Solve

Seal or Sealion?

Elephant Seal and Sea Lion Sounds

Migrating Animal Printouts from Enchanted Learning

Posters: Common Birds of the West ( and East)

Online Bird Identification Books




California at Enchanted Learning

Grown in California: Alphabet Coloring Book

California State Bird and Flower Coloring Page

Plants: Old Growth Forest

Explore a Rewood Forest ( Click on the gallery)

Redwood Art and Poetry

Trees are Terrific (online book)

Interactives for kids at Arbor Day.Org

Indigenous People : Games,Music and Stories

Native American Games and Toys

The Bear Calling Song

Chumash Flutist, Lew Silva

The Stave Game

Ring and Stick Game