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You know you are a member of Monarchs Anonymous  if........

Posted by,Mary Redus :)

  1. You signed up for this class.
  2. You have more than three butterfly shirts.
  3. You have butterfly jewelry.
  4. You have a garden at your school/work/home.
  5. You have a collection of butterfly books.
  6. Most of your Birthday gifts have a butterfly theme.
  7. You are referred to as the "Butterfly King or Queen."
  8. You are growing milkweed for your caterpillars.
  9. You raise monarchs on your dining room table.
  10. You can spot milkweed on the side of the road traveling at 60 miles an hour.
  11. You have to hire a babysitter for your butterflies so you can go on vacation...or you take them with you.
  12. You can identify a male /female monarch.
  13. People recognize you because of your posterior and not your face.
  14. You want to go to Mexico to see the over wintering butterflies.
  15. You think traveling to Mexico is better than sex.

..........You ARE a Monarchaholic!




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The Butterfly and the Bee

Once upon a time
A handsome honey bee
fell in love with a butterfly
he met in an apple tree.

He said "I love you madly
and want to share your life.
Let's fly away together!
Will you be my wife?"

She shook her head in sorrow.
"No, no, no," cried she.
"For I am a Monarch's daughter......

And you're just a son of a bee!"

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