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           The Monarch Teacher Network 
Information about MTN workshops, the Mexico trip,The River of Raptors trip and the
Voices from the Land Project

 MTN Canada 
  The Quilt Project and Monarch Penpals  :


Monarch Teacher Network /Western Canada:


Friends of MTN


New Zealand Monarch Butterfly Trust


Monarchs at the Leonardo Divinci School in Peru

(scroll down to #5)





Monarch Live!

Sign up your classroom today!


Tags and much more:


Journey North : track the migration


D-Plex talk list :


Monarchs in the Classroom

Great rearing information:


Everything you ever wanted to know about Monarchs and their migration  :


Monarch Butterfly in North America


Online kids resources :


Butterfly Web Quest


Monarch Butterfly USA


Project Monarch health:


Monarch larva monitoring project :


Rearing containers and tents :



Adopt a Virtual Monarch


Monarch Butterfly Teacher and Student Resources:


Monarch Thematic Resource Unit:


The Symbolic Migration 

This is a great project!




instars (1-5)


Milkweed ( and Habitat)


ALL about milkweed


Milkweed seed propagation:


Create and register a Monarch Waystation


Plants for sale :


Free seeds and tropical Milkweed plugs for sale:


New Moon Nursery :



Native Plant Societies ( State by state)



Schoolyard Habitats :


Wild School Site

Schoolyard Habitat Application



The Audubon Society




Wildlife Habitat Incentives Program:


National Gardening Association / Gardening with kids and grant opportunities:



One of the gardens at Kris Mollenhauer's school .





The Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary  Foundation :


Altenare /alternative living in the sanctuary region :


A Day of the Dead curriculum guide :


The Aztec Calendar : What's YOUR totem?




And More..............


Environmental Concern:


No Child Left Inside :


Nature Action Collaborative for Young Children :




Don't Laugh at Me



Online children's games and printable children's resources:

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