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Mexico 2010

Getting Ready
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We are creating games,a self portriat quilt,books and Valentine's cards for our friends at the Hidalgo School in Mexico...

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*Download two of our books:

1.In School/En la Escuela

* Photos for this book were taken in our classroom this year and at the  Esc.Prim.Bilingual "Miguel Hidalgo"
Santa fe Michoacan,Mexico in February 20th 2008
( The children at this school speak Spanish and their native Puerpecha language.)

2. Uno Ma One

Count the children in Spanish,Purepecha and English.

You can also download and print two copies of each card to play a lotto ( Lotteria) game in English, Spanish and Puepecha.
We will also share this game with the students in Mexico.

Lotto Card 1

Lotto Card 2

Lotto Card 3

Lotto Card 4

Lotto Card 5

Lotto Card 6