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Insect eating bats have keen senses and use echolocation to help find their food.


Luna and Louie are male Straw Colored Fruit Bats. They visited our classroom!
They are two of the many bats that Batman cares for.

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These orphaned babies were rescued during a flood in Australia.

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There are many kinds of bats. This is a Long Tounged Nectar Eating Bat.

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Bats make their homes (roosts) in a variety of different structures. They can use trees, caves, cracks in buildings, bridges, and even the attic of a house!  The largest urban colony of bats in the U.S. lives under Austin, Texas' Congress Avenue Bridge during the summer.  The Congress Avenue Bridge becomes a temporary home to over 1.5 million Brazilian free-tailed bats! Watch this video of their emergence:

Video from the Washington Dept. Of Fish and Game BAT CAM

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