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Even the youngest children can make a difference..... So can you!


Contaminated Water Is a Major Cause of Death in Kenya

More people in Kenya die as a result of contaminated water than malaria and HIV/AIDS combined -- according to a report, which was discussed at an international workshop in Nairobi, Kenya -- the Daily Nation reports. The report said that 5,000 children younger than age five die everyday in Africa due to dirty water. In addition, "only 49 percent of Kenya's rural areas had sustainable access to improved drinking water while 85 percent in the urban areas has access to improved drinking water sources," according to the Daily Nation (8/26).



 " If you have to walk really far to get water, you could get too tired. If nobody has water then kids could get sick. Could kids die?"


~Dylan at 3 years old, 2009


“Children for Water” began in 2009 during a classroom circle time discussion.

The children viewed photographs from the areas in Kenya that our director, Dr. Ursula- Parrish Daniels would visit .The children noted that there were children without access to clean drinking water and wanted to “send water to them”. We talked about various technologies for water delivery and after discussing it, the children decided on a fundraising effort to purchase water tanks for the children in Kenya. The children decided to name their group “Children for Water” and planned, created and implemented a carnival fundraiser event .That first fundraiser resulted in over $300.00 which was donated to CRM and their efforts...

Since that time, “Children for Water” has raised over $3,000 in funds. …and the CDC children’s efforts will continue as long as there are children without access to clean drinking water!


Please contact our children at if you wish to contribute to their efforts.


Photo of a water tank
from the CRM website


"Everyone needs water to live."


"Children at the new water tank."

Even the youngest children can make a difference..... So can you!