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Many of our pets have been adopted.  It takes a lot of time to properly  care for another living creature. We all work hard to make sure that our pets are as happy and healthy as they can be.


 Bumpy is a Land Hermit Crab.
Land Hermit Crabs need to change homes when they grow, so we need to provide our crabs with extra shells that are 1/3 bigger than their current shells.  Hermit Crabs,like our Madagascar Hissing Cockroach, have a hard exoskeleton that does not grow as they grow.So they will shed their exoskeleton and grow a small amount very quickly, until the new exoskeleton hardens; this is called molting.


All About Hermit Crabs

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Color a Crab

Hermie Tic-Tac-Toe

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One of our  new friends has EXTREME allergies. The Gerbils will not live at school. They will live at Miss Hope's home but they WILL visit school often!


Sad news:
Mei Mei died suddenly on Saturday 10/10/10

She was adopted from a former student of mine and was 4 years old when she became our class pet. She lived happily with us for 2 years before passing at the age of 6. Guinea pigs do not have a very long life span (2-7 years) so she was very, very old for a guinea pig.
Although  it is very sad to have to say goodbye, we all have wonderful memories of her. The children in Miss Hope’s class last year and this year took wonderful care of her. You were all amazing owners of Mei Mei and should be proud of the love and care you gave her.

~Miss Hope

Meet Mei Mei
Our Guinea Pig

Our guinea pig, Mei Mei was adopted from a former student of Miss Hope's ( from 10 years ago!).
Mei Mei means "Beautiful" in Chinese.
Some quick facts:
  • Guinea pigs don't have visible tails.
  • Guinea pigs are born with fur and with their eyes open.
  • Guinea pigs eat a lot of food and need vitamin C.
  • Guinea pigs came from South America, and the Incas domesticated them.
  • Guinea pigs need to gnaw to wear down their teeth. Otherwise, their teeth will grow too long and then they won't be able to eat.
  • "Cavy" is the official word for guinea pig!

Caring for a Guinea Pig from the ASPCA

Play a Cavy Memory Match Game


Dixie and Casey

Ruby,Dixie and Casey are sisters and were adopted from Miss Hope's friends daughter,Katie.

Although there are many different 
types of Gerbil in the wild
the species most
commonly available as pets is the

In the wild these very sociable animals live in family groups (colonies) in burrow systems. Gerbils  are not only active during part of the night but have periods of activity in the early morning, late afternoon and evening. They are fun to watch! 

 Twin Squeaks

Gerbil Print out at Enchanted Learning

Gerbil Tic-Tac-To

Gerbil Coloring Page

Interactive Gerbil Guide



"Gerbils of the Caribbean"
 (Cute Movie Trailer Spoof.)

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