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Signs of Spring

Our preschool class in NE New Jersey (in the USA) and our pen-pal third grade class in rural Malatya, Turkey are collaborating on the Signs of Spring project from Journey North.

Our collaboration on Journey North

Photos from teacher Duygu Ergen in Malatya,Turkey.
March 13th,2009
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Photos from teacher Duygu Ergen in Malatya,Turkey.
April 4th,2009
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Photos taken by Duygu Ergen on April 7th...Click to enlarge!






What our four year old class  noticed on March 25th in Paramus, New Jersey( Click to enlarge):


"Grass is growing. I smell it. It smells like onions."


"I see a flower. A yellow flower and green leaves."
"I feel warm. I wanted to take my coat off."


"I hear birds. Birds are singing!"


Our four year old class in Paramus,NJ took a walk in the rain on April 6,2009.Here is what we noticed :
Bella: "We saw a Robin and we heared thunder."
Mya: "We felt the dirt and the rain and everything wet. The dirt was soft. We saw shiny raindrops on the branch."
Adam: "We saw the rain make circles and bubbles in the river. I think a waterfall was ahead because the water was flowing that way. Then the waterfall goes down. The water...it goes down but it doesn't go back up. You know? Maybe a bulldozer pushes water down the waterfall."
Furkan: "Wearing shoes because it was wet here. And mud."
Dylan: "I saw a tree. Maybe there was a bug in that tree. We smelled a skunk. Phew! And we heard Geese honking."

                  "Rain Goes Down"
A chant by,
Dylan,Mya,Adam,Amy,Furkan and Bella
(Children created the chant after our walk in the rain.We passed around a rain -stick while sitting in a circle.)
Rainbow Red

Rainbow Blue

Yellow Sun




Rain goes down










Check back soon for more from Malatya, Turkey and Paramus, New Jersey USA...


Hi Miss Hope,
We have been observing the signs of spring so far. I asked the signs of spring in this village to my students and they gave me very interesting answers  that I have heard for the first time in my life. For example they say in spring sheep begin to give birth, especially in March. No other month is available for birth because sheep are supposed to go to meadow to eat grass in April. Otherwise, if there is a born in another month they will come to face the lack of grass. For my students the birth of sheep is the most specific sign of spring. Today one of my students' sheep has given a birth. You can see the twins have still has the umbilical cord. Another sign is that there is a flower named linaria and it grows only in the beginning of spring. I took its photo and sent to you. My students add that there is no snow, no ice but grass. That's all my students have got to say so far. We will go on observing the signs.

Click here to see the newborn twin lambs!

Click to see more projects with our
Pen-pals from Malatya,Turkey


Let's Compare the Weather here in Paramus, NJ,USA
to the weather in Malatya,Turkey.......

Click for Malatya, Turkey Forecast

( From Miss Duygu in Malatya
April 4th,2009)
My students listed some more signs of spring and I sent some pictures about the signs.
1 ) The villagers inoculate the trees in order to have delicious fruits. Also when they want to have two kinds of fruit in one tree they inoculate the trees. For example, they take plum tree and inoculate it with apricot tree and at the end they will have plum and apricot in one single tree. It is a kind of artificial semination. I sent the inoculated trees photo to you.
2) Some animals come back such as earthworms, moles, owls,cuckoo, ants, bees, snakes, scorpions.
3) Chickens are hatching.
4) Snow melts and the water in brook rises.
5) Partridges start to mate.
6) The colour of the soil changes.
7) Villagers start agricultural spraying in order to protect trees from insects.
8) Villagers plough the soil so that crabgrasses can not grow. After ploughing soil will be more fertile.
9) Trees will be in blossom.
10) Villagers plant barley, avena, rye, tomatoes, spinach, apricot trees,pine trees. They make a special area to plant them. I took the photo of it.
11) People celebrate Hıdrellez (old Turkish celebration of spring )
PS: We are preparing celebration programme for 23th of April, National Independence and Children's Day.

Miss Hope's Class: April 7th 2009

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Signs of Spring Venn Diagram
created on Kidspiration Software
by, The children in Miss Hope's Class
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