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International Children's Day


The International Children's Day is celebrated in numerous countries,but it had its origin in Turkey in 1920 ....

Click to read a letter from Duygu Ergen,our pen-pal teacher in Malatya Turkey


Here are two videos of our friends in Malatya, Turkey celebrating Children's Day on April 23,2008 .......

What Miss Duygu's 7 year old students have to say:
We feel very happy because tomorrow we are going to celebrate the Children’ s Day.
Children’ s Day means ; freedom , peace, brotherhood, entertainment, celebration, playing games, singing songs, wearing nice costumes, performing plays, playing with balloons.
   We celebrate this holiday without discrimination of race, religion and nation.
We are very excited because we are going to read poems in front of the spectators.
Ataturk loved children very much that’s why he bestowed this holiday to us.       
We want  kids of the world be happy forever.
We want to meet the other kids around the world.

Children's Day in Malatya slide show

Turkish poet Nazim Hikmet's words... 

To live like a tree, lonely and free
To live as brothers like trees in a forest,
That dream is ours!

And we make our call to the world with his great poem;

Let's give the world to the children just for one day
like a balloon in bright and striking colours to play with
let them play singing among the stars
let's give the world to the children
like a huge apple like a warm loaf of bread
at least for one day let them have enough
let's give the world to the children
at least for one day let the world learn friendship
children will get the world from our hands
they'll plant immortal trees