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Welcome to our Story Ring!

"Tell me a story.."
During our unit on rocks and minerals the children passed a stone around our Story Ring and told this story:


The Rock
There was a rock and then he fell. 
Yesterday,the rock fell in the water.
His voice was gone because he didn't talk.
 He saw a fish in the lake that had a lovely voice.
The rock heard the fish and was happy.
The rock looked up out of the water and saw a little baby chipmunk.
The chipmunk said " Hey, rock!"
The rock could not talk.
The chipmunk said " You don't have any voice?!" 
The rock goes in a circle and the circle gets
 bigger and bigger and BIGGER
and he splashed in the water!
Then the chipmunk laughed and laughed.
Then the chipmunk fell in the water !   
Then the chipmunk climbed on the rock's back.
The chipmunk was so happy and said,"Thank you friend,rock!"
The End

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