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The Monster Project


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The Monster Project provided an incredible opportunity to learn new vocabulary, enhance problem solving & math skills, foster cooperation , collaboration and so much more!

Visit Mr. Smith's Monster Page to learn all about this cool project that spans the globe!

This Year's Monster :


Click the Monster and watch him grow! :)

Our creepy monster was created by,
All of the children at the CDC!

All About Moosetackweirdo

 By the 2 1/2 - 5 year old children of the Bergen Community College Child Development Center.


The name of our monster is Moosetackweirdo.He was born on October 19, the day we made him. The monster is a boy.  He lives in a cave made of round rocks in an African forest.Outside of his house he has a rectangle monster sign that says “A Monster Lives Here!!!!” 

Moosetackweirdo likes to eat carrots, vegetables, grass, dirt, raw- meat, broccoli, apples chicken, pigs, bugs, peas and cookies.  He likes to cook pancakes trees, leaves, cockroaches, throw up, barf ,spit up and jelly fish.In the dark night the monster, Moosetackweirdo eats eye ball soup. He sleeps for a lot of time, maybe 40 hundred years.

When he wakes up he exercises and plays ping pong, checkers and chess. Moosetackweirdo also likes to paint.  He has monster friends named Thomas, Junior and Lobster,.They like to play sports and tag.  They also play hide and seek.  He’s 40 hundred years old.  He has 13 brothers and 13 sisters they all live together in the cave.

The Monster Book

Monster Match

Create a Wild and Wacky Monster story at National Geographic

Make a Monster at Sesame Street

Play a "Build your own monster" game online.

Feed the Monster! An online nutrition game

Monster songs to sing!

Some great monster books to read!

The Friendly Monster Project Flyer

We collected all kinds of recyling .....
..then children chose items they thought would work.

Small groups worked together.
Creativity ,fine motor skills and cooperation were needed

We learned new vocabulary
Like "nostril" and "trapazoid"!

That old leaky wading pool sure does make a great
Monster head!

Monster Maker Map

Our 2007 Monster!
Goggle Zoggle

Boogaly Fish-Face
Our 2006 Monster

2005 Monster
Scary Hairy photo
Scary Hairy

   "Our Monster Story  2006"
by,the children in Miss Hope & Miss Faith's Class

"There was a little monster and she growled with her teeth because she was mad. She was mad because the bad guy wanted to kick her and hurt her. But her belt clicked on and grumbled and her toes horned at the bad guy! Then she was happy and stomping and jumping. Then a ghost came and saved her and her lips went “mup, mup, mup”.

(Click below to hear the story read by Miss Hope with sound effects provided by the children.)

Monster Literature.. SCARY HAIRY and other stories!