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Literacy Newsletter

What are Language & Literacy  Experiences for Preschool Children ?
  • Talking with others about personally meaningful experiences
  • Describing objects, events, and relations
  • Having fun with language: listening to stories and poems, making up stories and rhymes
  • Writing in various ways : drawing, scribbling, letterlike forms, invented spelling, conventional forms
  • Reading in various ways: reading storybooks, signs and symbols, one's own writing
  • Dictating stories

Man reading to girl


"Children are made readers on the laps of their parents."

— Emilie Buchwald


Borrow a book from our school library! Just write the name of the book you are borrowing on your library card. Return the book.. and borrow another.
( Donations for our lending library are always welcome. Please do not include books featuring cartoon characters.)
American Sign Language
Hello in American Sign Language

See our Monarch Page for some great  butterfly books!

                             Let's Wave and Say Hello
                         Tune: Farmer in the Dell
Let's wave and say hello
Let's wave and say ________
Let's say hello to all our friends
Let's wave and say _________
How many ways can YOU say hello?

Books, Books, Books!

Scholastic..Books and so much more!

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Do you have a comfy computer chair?
Why not share an online story with your child ?

EXCELLENT resource for e-books from nypl.org

Stories from the Sanctuary Region

Lil'Fingers Storybooks

Sesame Street Stories

Beantime Stories

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