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Monarch Project 2005


The Symbolic Butterflies have arrived!


This cluster of butterflies spent the winter with a child named Mirna Fabiola in Saltillo, Mexico.

Her school is directly on the monarch’s migration pathway!

Mirna can see thousands of monarch butterflies flying overhead on their path back north.


These butterflies were originally made by;


6 middle school students from Mount Laurel New Jersey

3 second grade students from Oberlin Ohio

1 elementary school student from Athens Georgia

1 elementary school student from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

1 elementary school student from Lexington Massachusetts

2 middle school students from Plainfield Illinois

1 preschool student from Minneapolis Minnesota

1 elementary school student from Belleville Ontario in Canada


Our new pen pals are: Camryn: Emily in Canada

                                    Cole: Charla in Minnesota

                                    Marco: John in Illinois

                                    Izabela: Jackie in Massachusetts

                                    Allen: Kevin in Pennsylvania

                                     Jessica: Malachi in Georgia

                                     Raphael: Alex in Ohio

                                    Jaydon: Kyle in Ohio

                                    Olias: Kaylee in Ohio

                                    Trinity: Patricia in NJ

                                    Nicholas: Colleen in NJ

                                    Devon: John in Illinois

(We will post new pen pals here as soon as we write to them…)


We also received a letter from Mirna’s teacher Ildefonso Guevara and another one of his students named Alan.


 They described how beautiful it is there in the sanctuary region with the mountains rising above them.


Alan is 13 years old. He shared some of his life at home….


There are six people in Alan's family. His house is made of wood and there are three rooms in it.He told us that he helps care for the animals on his familes farm. .He also helps his mom cook. His mom cooks with corn, rice and vegetables. He told us that there is no transportation where he lives. He walks 5 miles to and from school each day.He said  that this can be difficult. There are 25 students in his class. His favorite subjects are Geography and Biology. He said he would like to be a doctor when he grows up.


We will be writing to Mirna, Alan and their teacher this week…


How many people are in your family?

How many rooms are in your home?

What is your home like?

What types of  food does your family cook?

Do you have any animals?

Do you help care for them?

What do you like to help your family with?

How do you get to school?

How many students/children are in your class?

What do you like to learn about?

What do you want to be when you grow up?


Check back soon to find out where OUR original butterflies landed!

We’ll check online each day until we find them..

And the circle of friendship will continue….

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Click here  to help find our butterflies. Edit Text

One of our butterflies has landed! We received this Email:
"A butterfly made by Devon has landed in Hannibal, Missouri and is living in Mr. Smith's 4th grade class at Eugene Field Elementary. The butterfly appears to have done quite well during its winter vacation in Mexico. A photo is attached for Devon."
Visit Mr. Smih's (very cool) class online !
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Devon's Monarch
Photo by, Mr. Smith Edit Picture

One of our monarch caterpillars
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We have witnessed the amazing life cycle of Monarch butterflies right in our classroom! Mr. Jack documented it all on videotape.
We have also raised and released Black Swallowtail and Painted Lady butterflies. It has been a magical experience. (We still have 3 more Monarchs and 5 Painted Ladies waiting for wings!) Edit Text

All grown up!
And ready to fly! Edit Picture

"We are selling cookies to send money to Mexico so they can plant trees for the Monarch Butterflies"
Our February 2005 Bake Sale raised $150.51 for the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary Foundation. The children did a wonderful job of planning the sale,working on the advertisements and selling  the donated treats!
Thanks to everyone who helped and supported the sale.


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The Spring Butterfly Bake Sale made $120.00! Well done everyone! Edit Text

Help save the magic of the monarch migration! Click the picture below... Edit Text

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