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Welcome !

   I am a retired early childhood educator . For the past 25 years I have been on an amazing journey teaching and learning with three year olds and their families.

  Many of our projects were documented on websites which you will find on this site. I hope you are inspired by the imagination, creativity and competence of these remarkable children.

   Resources from the workshops I have taught (and still teach) are here on these pages as well.

   Focusing on Nature Education and teaching with an environmental ethic has been a very important part of my philosophy.  I work as a volunteer for the Monarch Teacher Network   .You will find resources related to this amazing organization by following the link. If you are a teacher, I encourage you to take a workshop. It will change your life as an educator.

        You can also find out more about me here. I hope you enjoy exploring this site. If you have found something useful, please drop me a line in the guestbook to let me know.